Sunday, November 30, 2008

Love at first sight

Hmmmm.......sebelum jam 12 tgh hari, rasa2 nak tulis blog la pula.
This is my story about my first monkey love. At that time ibu was 18 years old, just after my Form 5 exam. This guy was my kampong boy. Ibu didn't know why ibu liked this guy. He was not that handsome, his complexion fair, with a little bit of moustache. He used to loiter at my neighbour's house. Everytime he came, ibu would admired and looked at him secretly from my window. Rupa2 nya ibu tak bertepuk sebelah tangan. Maybe, love at first sight. Next to my house, there lived a boy named Ali, he was only 15 at that time. Guess what ..... he was my messenger. Every evening that guy used to come to my neighbour's house, and every time when he was around , ibu would be in the room, locked and viewed myself at the window. From there, we only looked and smiled. We couldn't talk to each other, cos we're scared my granny would noticed, cos she was downstairs while ibu was upstairs. If we wanted to say something, we would write a letter, and Ali, . as a messenger, would throw that letter to ibu through the window. As a return ibu would throw it back to him to be sent to that guy.
One day he asked me for a date.... ibu was nervous cos my granny would caned me if she knew about it. Anyhow, ibu managed when my granny went to Kuala Kurau, Perak to visit her relatives. Well, anyhow that was the first and last time ibu went out with him. It happened that day was Thaipusam. So we went out together with several friends to see the Thaipusam. Actually ibu should be happy, but instead ibu was anxious and worried. It happened that while we were walking together, suddenly, he tried to hold my hand, ibu was startled, and infuriated with him. Ibu felt as if he had created a big sin and took the opportunity cos at that time ibu was really very very innocent and ibu takut dosa.
So to end up the story, from that day, ibu stopped writing a letter to him and broke off the relationship with him after several month's of acquaintance. Anyway, in his last letter, he did apologised to ibu and ibu forgave him.


Cik Puteri said...

salam ibu..ingat lagi ek 1st love ibu..sweet sgt..hehe...

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