Monday, November 24, 2008

biography of me

this is my story. i was adopted by my granny at the age of 2 months. tau2 saja la kalu dok ngan nenek dimanjakan. i was like a princess not allowed to do anything in the house. i got 2 aunties, and several nieces stayed together, they were the one who did the housework while i was asked to stay upstairs in the room doing nothing. all my clothes were washed by my granny. when makan time i went downstairs, after taken lunch or dinner, i was asked by my granny to leave my plates for my aunties to wash. kadang2 tu marah jugak la my aunties towards me. apatah lagi my nieces cemburu sakan la they all but what could they do cos they had to follow the boss (my granny). i stayed in double storied bungalow house at that time, and the house was always full of relatives from far and near came to visit her every week end cos my granny was a kind hearted and generous lady. when i became teenager, i was not allowed to go out like other teenage girls, even sit at the verandah or loiter outside the house. i had no freedom at all. my granny was very strict about that, apa tah lagi nak ada boyfriend. i was really like burung dalam sangkar at that time. not much money to spend like others but still i was happy. anyway, thanks to my granny for bringing me up, semoga Allah cucuri rahmat keatas rohnya.

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