Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Together with family

A week before hari raya, ibu was in KL and on the 5th Dec. ibu together with hubby, daughter, her kids and maid drove back to KB with CITRA. We started from KL at 10 am and stopped for a rest at R&R Gua Musang at about 3.30pm. We brought along our food, and had a great lunch with white rice, sayur lemak kobis campur taugeh, sambal tumis ikan bilis, telur goreng dadar, ikan kering goreng and sambal belacan. After prayer we continued our journey and arrived at KB about 6.30pm.
The next day 6th Dec. at about 11.30 my sons from KL, his wife and 2 kids arrived, and at about 1.00pm my daughter who is from Kerteh together with her hubby and 2 daughters also arrived at ibu's house. It was really in a havoc with 6 grandchildren running, yelling and screaming at each other in the house.That day ibu cooked laksa kelantan and laksa penang, and for those who didn't took laksa, ibu also cooked white rice, vegetable soup, fried fish, ulam jering together with sambal belacan.In the evening, ibu bought goreng pisang. Ibu also boiled ubi kayu, taken with coconut mixed together with salt and sugar.
On 7th Dec, that is before hari raya, ibu cooked sup tulang, fried meat with kicap, fried mixed vegatable, telur dadar and for sure sambal belacan. On top of that, again ibu boiled ubi kayu eaten with coconut.
On hari raya day, ibu ordered satay together with nasi himpit and kuah kacang. Of course icing kek and also ibu cooked nasi tomato together with dalca, sambal udang, fried chicken and acar timun. There's also ketupat pulut and tapai. My family really enjoyed the food and ibu was the happiest person at that time cos the food that ibu cooked finished and gone just like that.
Anyway, after a busy day and although still feeling tired, ibu rasa puas cos masih dpt menyediakan sajian buat family dgn air tgn ibu sendiri.
Now that everybody had gone home, left ibu with 5 grandchildren and a maid. Although noisy and busy with the grandchildren around, but still ibu managed to post this blog.

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