Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When i was at std 6, Convent School, our teacher would take us to the field for exercise. The field was across the road that was 100 meter opposite school. Everyday before studied we went for exercise about 15 minutes. At the field, under the tree we would changed our uniforms to short pants. It happened one day when i forgot to bring my short pants to school. I was asked by my teacher to take off my uniform and used seluar dalam for exercise. What a shame. Guess what, i disobeyed her and despite i was asked to write on a piece of paper 500 times and this is what i wrote - I MUST NOT FORGET TO BRING MY SHORT PANTS TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY. From that day i never forgot to bring my short pants to school and from that day too i began to hate that Indian teacher. At this aged also i learned to be a business girl. Before school ends, i would approached my friends and asked how many bihun goreng and nasi lemak would they like to order cos our school only sold chinese food, not much malay food. Every morning i had to carry 2 plastik bag full of bihun goreng and nasi lemak. 30 sen satu bungkus tolak upah 10 sen - lumayan juga lah at that time, but still risiko cos kalu kena tangkap dgn headmistress kena denda pula. I bought nasi lemak and bihun goreng from my neighbour and that also tanpa pengetahun nenek cos kalu dpt tahu kena marah. Nenek cuma kasi 40 sen ka sekolah termasuk tambang bas. Bukan nenek tak mampu beri lebih duit, cuma dia tak nak ajar mewah.

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Monkey D Luffy said...

hahaaha... masa kecik2 dulu ramai jugak yg bisnes kat sekolah ni.

best ler citer2 ni